Dental Care

If your answer is yes to any one of the questions below, your pet needs dental care.
Does your pet:
• Has bad Breath?
• Avoids hard food?
• Not let you touch their mouth?

Dental care is important for all pets. Dental care involves at home care and regular checkup by your veterinarian.  Each pet’s oral care is unique with different requirements. Your veterinarian can recommend you the best possible solution depending on factors like age, breed, overall dental health and prior history.

AT HOME: Brushing your pet’s teeth is our #1 recommendation for home dental care but not all pets like the idea of being brushed. There are many products that may or may not help with your pet’s oral care. To name few there are gels, water additives and chew treats. Please remember not all products work with all pets. Call us for to discuss options available for your pet.

AT CLINIC: For those pets where home care is not helping or not possible dental, periodontal prophylaxis at clinic is recommended. The procedure involves general anesthesia, detailed exam, cleanup, polishing and extractions if any. For most pets this procedure is recommended once a year but may vary individually. At time of annual exam discuss with your veterinarian if your pet needs a "dental" at clinic.

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